Measure tank volume?

At Europort 2019 we present the Fafnir ‘magnetostrictive level transmitter’. This instrument has been specially developed for volume measurement in vessels on ships, but is also very suitable for bunker stations.

Exact level measurement in every tank

The magnetostrictive measurement technique is based on the so-called time of flight measurement: an electrical pulse is sent along a string in a guided tube. The float will give a reflection pulse or echo.

The processor calculates the transit time between the sending and receiving of these pulses. With this technique the Fafnir measuring rod is the most accurate level transmitter on the market; an accuracy of <0.1 mm or 0.01% isn’t uncommon.

By means of five integrated PT 1000s, this instrument can also achieve a very accurate temperature measurement of the load. A special feature of this meter is that the temperature above liquid level is not included. The enclosure is completely made of stainless steel. The level and temperature output signals are available through Hart or Modbus.

Fafnir Torrix - Magnetostrictieve niveaumeter


Even for application with limited space or dimensional restrictions solutions customized solutions are offered. By standard the Fafnir transmitter is very compact, but can also be supplied fully customized.

Where process integrity requires a separation between the environment and the process liquid an installation kit can be used. This guarantees the integrity of the process without compromising the performance when maintenance is required during operation.

Installation of the transmitter is very easy and fast. is that it can be installed very quickly. Due to the short installation period it’s possible to switch to a complete new system seamlessly and without process interruption.

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